A blog about games, books …

… and stuff that I like in general. Which may include topics like:

  • Fantasy Fiction (sometimes of the weird variety, sometimes of the variety that’s actually Science Fiction)
  • Movies and TV Shows (mostly TV shows to be honest, though like most people nowadays I never watch those on actual TV)
  • RPGs (lots of OSR but also some trendy hipster storygaming stuff)
  • Board Games
  • Music (Don’t expect me to list genres. … I won’t. … Good, there’s metal involved, there you have it. I might well talk about some obscure black metal in one post though and unprecedentedly switch to indie alternative acoustic pop what-have-you in the next, that’s just how I roll. Don’t judge, don’t discriminate.)
  • Science (I don’t know how that will work out yet. I mean, this is not addressed to fellow scientists or science students so I guess I would have a hard time enthusing potential readers about equations and theorems, but I guess there’s always a side to science that speaks to everyone and that everyone can discuss. Popular science is hard if you want to make it good.)
  • Politics (If you’re angry about immigrants, “SJW”s, feminism or “leftist liberal nutjobs” you’re invited to read on and enlighten yourself, but I have little hope you’ll get any more out of it than a fit of rage. Also fuck you and your backwards bullshit.)

This introductory post may in the future be expanded with additional information, links, stuff to most efficiently navigate my blog once it’s grown big enough. After all I want you to instantly find all the cool the stuff you’re looking for, like vegan recipes, pictures of cute animals or instructions on how to summon Belial, the Great Deceiver, King of Babylon and the Bottomless Pit who brings forth the Wicked Ones, the Goatlegged Witches of the Deathless Wastes and a Thousand Serpents to ruin all that is and was and swallow the cosmos in eternal night as tears of black blood fill your lungs and leave you mute in ultimate perdition. (I’m talking about roleplaying games of course! What did you think, you sicko? You don’t just go and summon stuff in real life. That’s dangerous!)

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